Peter B.

City: West Palm Beach, Florida
Joined CPAY: May 2012
# of accounts: 300+
Annual processing: $30,000,000+

As a golf professional, Peter decided to join CPAY to work when he could so that he can continue to play in golf tournaments. Without sales experience, Peter quickly learned how to sell credit card processing services and was an immediate success. Soon, he was choosing CPAY over playing golf every day. Even though Peter didn’t have sales experience, he did have the attitude and personality it takes to succeed in this industry. Extremely out-going, very friendly and a true hustler, Peter is one of CPAY’s most valuable agents making it to Presidents Club every year since he joined.

“I joined Central Payment in June of 2012 and with little hard work, I turned rags into riches,” states Peter. “My experience has been life changing, with the help and guidance of the entire team at corporate. I have been able to build a residual business that will last a lifetime—more money than I have ever earned in my life. Freedom. CPAY to me = FREEDOM. The friendships and business connections I have made with businesses owners and franchise brands across America is something money cannot buy! #LoveCentralPayment.”

Peter: We love you too! You keep us on our toes and we cant wait to see you next year at the Presidents Club, or a golf lesson. :)

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