Hadley G.

City: Santa Barbara, California
Joined CPAY: January 2015
# of accounts: 175
Annual processing: $30,000,000+

Hadley came to CPAY with no experience in the credit card processing industry and with little sales experience. She was a bit hesitant to join the team, but after some research and a few conversations with our recruiting department she decided to give it a shot. She was assigned to work with sales director Matthew Daneman, whose job it was to make sure she could get on her feet quickly and out signing business. Matt’s first note on Hadley reads:

Matthew Daneman (Jan 30, 2015 01:27 PM): Very excited. Single mom, has a four year old. Not much support, has a good church. Works full time at a desk job, some sales. Talked for a while about potential, residuals, approach. Good to go. Has serious potential.

Hadley has now been with CPAY for close to two years and earns double the amount that she said she needed to earn when she first started.

“Since I found Central Payment my whole life has changed,” says Hadley, “I am a single mom supporting my six-year-old daughter and CPAY allows me both the income and freedom to be there for her. She is my motivation. My experience representing CPAY gives me the satisfaction of helping my community and beyond. I have gotten to know the industry pretty well so far. I see first-hand and believe in Central Payment as being the superior company to both represent and process with.”

Everyone at CPAY loves working with Hadley and some of us have even had the chance to meet her beautiful little girl, Uma.

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