Chris K.

City: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Joined CPAY: February 2013
# of accounts: 200+
Annual processing: $15,000,000+

Chris was introduced to CPAY through an outside sales manager who ran a company called Simple Pay. Simple Pay was a registered ISO through CPAY. Prior to joining CPAY, Chris spent a couple years working for a competitor and decided to leave after he determined the company was unethical. Looking for a solid company with solid backing and a large footprint, Chris decided CPAY would be a good place for him to build his wealth. Two years after Chris was hired for outside sales he decided to embark on his own opportunity and currently manages outside sales agents in New Mexico. In 2013 Chris earned $43,500 and in 2016 he will earn $300,000+.

“My journey from sales agent to managing a team has been extremely rewarding,” says Chris. “It was a lot to learn, but I knew what I wanted. Learning this industry and how to run my own business has helped me to grow in every aspect of my life. Now that I run a successful team of agents, I get to do all things I always dreamed of doing, like taking a one-month vacation during the holidays, buying a big house, driving a brand new luxury car. If I had one piece of advice to give, it's to work harder every day and always remain persistent, because a huge part of reaching success is to fail along the way. The only way to not make it to the top is to quit, because quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Chris has a winner’s attitude. He doesn’t ask himself, “Can I sign 6 deals this week?” Instead, he tells himself, “I will sign 6 deals this week.” Big difference. It is an honor to have Chris part of the family and we are all excited to watch him continue grow, both personally and professionally.

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